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Big Stone Lake is a border water between Minnesota and South Dakota.  Your SD or MN fishing license is legal no matter which side of the lake you stay!  Walleyes are the predominate fish of  Big Stone Lake - however there are nice populations of perch.  In addition, there are also some crappie, blue gill, white bass and Northern pike. We offer 4 large fishing docks for guests who opt for shoreline fishing versus a boat.

Updated 10/6/2013

The week started out with a strong perch bite, but by Thursday with the major low pressure system that brought lots of moisture to the area, things definitely slowed by the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday we received reports from anglers working the Windmill Reef, in front of Cramer's Resort and the GrapeVine that the bite was hot. Getting your bait to the bottom of 7-8 feet of water seemed to be the denominator. Bait of choice varied with the anglers out there.

Dock fishermen did well early in the week also with the best bite seeming to be just before, during and just after sunset.  A variety of fish were being netted including the perch, some blue gill and some crappie.

Walleyes have been very few and far between. Historically, in October, anglers like to sit on shore and pitch jigs tipped with a minnow along the rocks and do well. We have not reason to believe this trend will not continue for this season.

Schmidts Landing will be open over the winter months with limited hours and limited inventory. For those anglers eager to keep up to date on Big Stone Lake...this is the last "weekly" report that will be submitted. You can find Schmidts Landing on Facebook and as reports of "catching" will be reported there, but not on a consistent basis.

See you on open water next spring and be ready to set the hook!


Schmidts Landing Resort

A great catch off the docks for the Hanes'.

An 15 perch limit in just over an hour

 Don's 21 inch walleye

A couple nets full of fish ready to clean from the boys out of Kansas!

Steve and Jeannie do well their first afternoon out on the lake

A 15 perch limit in just 2 hours off the Grape Vine

Guide boat puts three Kansas anglers on the perch

Cline's and Plourde's fill out their limits

Ron and his 26 inch walleye, released

Bob on the lake with a nice walleye and bass

One of the great crappie caught this past week

Dick has a table full of fish to clean with a couple decent walleye

Joan's nice assortment of fish featuring a crappie

A nice assortment ready to be cleaned and eaten

Joan and a dandy walleye

A table full of pan fish to clean

Jim casted a Flicker Shad and got these two off the docks

Kent gets an 18" walleye along with some other fish on his second day of fishing

Alvin and Kent get a net full of perch and crappie

Larry's 26 incher caught and released

Larry's 25 incher (caught a day later) and released

Leon caught and released this lunker

Mike and a nice largemouth bass

Mike's big one of the day

Kevin's lunker released while doing some evening fishing

The rest of Kevin's catch

A perch hot spot turned into a bluegill spot for Mike and Kevin

Jim casted a windblown point to get this 27 incher

Don, Tom and Austin get a variety of fish pulling crankbaits

Dan kept a nice 32 inch northern

Casting a point with a new northwest wind, RV Jim and Rae Ann show off some walleye

Larry pulls crankbaits across from Schmidts Landing to get some nice perch
and three walleye ~ one over 20"

Jim keeps two out of 6 walleyes caught on a wind blown point last Friday!

Terry's catch and release from spinners on boards

Jeff, Cole and Charlie start out the week well

Jim and Jim take a break from work and in two hours get 7 dandy walleyes

Jeff and Cole set the bar high for the rest of the family catching these nice eyes

Cole's northern

Renner family have a fun outing

Jake's walleye

Jake's walleye

Jeff's walleye

One more bucket full of fish

A couple of dandy's for Sean

Angie's largemouth bass

Another largemouth bass for Angie

Oakley family cleaning their 50 perch!

Larry, Devin and Rick find the perch!

Al gets his 20 incher and some perch!

A bucket full of fish for the DenHoed family

James' northern!

Kay and Dave gang up on the fish

Judy, John and James go fishing with Jim and clean house

Sister Kay is proud of her "one over 20" walleye

Dave holds his 18 inch walleye

Not to be outdone by the wives, these guys pull the Jim trick and do well

Pulling spinners with guide Jim, sent these gals home happy

This trio get a nice assortment of walleye

Brian and Greg's do well on their first trip to Big Stone

Al and Chip work the south end to get their limit of walleye

Blaine, Dave and Riley get ready to clean the gangs catch of walleye

Cooler full of crappie, bluegill and some perch ready for the cleaning table.

Larry and a nice northern

Matthew's three dandy walleyes

Roger and Frank bring in an assortment of fish...notice the crappie and perch!

Kileigh and Miranda show off the blue gill

Riley and his big one of the day

Jennifer, Riley and Aaron find some walleye

Bob releases his 27 incher on the lake

The Jennings and LaCroix's have plenty to clean and eat

Jim and Brandon bring in a nice two man limit

Dave and Jim (guide) show off their keepers

Shawn help Grandpa get ready to clean up

Another catch and release by Todd on the lake

Dillon releases a dandy on the lake

Terry has a super nice limit of walleye

Carol releases a 28 incher on the lake

Chris has a stringer of white bass

Jesse has a 20 incher to clean

Madina crew show off their catch

Jim released this 6 pounder and 8.6# at our dock...
the boat also released a 7 pounder on the lake

Clines and Plourdes get ready to clean some fish

Al gets a limit of four

Dave releases a nice one on the lake

Dave catches a dandy blue gill

Dave shows off his "one over 20" walleye

Al's 20 incher

This foursome each get their one over 20" casting cranks

Kansas City boys do well first trip to Big Stone

Jim and Jim all smiles with their walleye

Randy, Dakota and Ron happy with their catch!

Kuiken's second bucket (note the perch)

Kuiken's spread out their catch to clean

Todd with his stringer

Dakota with a 5# largemouth

Andrew and Nick

Camden holding grandpa's stringer

Andrew's dock fish

Leroy and Cindy's dock fish

Schmidts Landing Docks were busy!

Pete and Bill come back to Big Stone and fish open water this time... doing well

Bill with a Big Stone opener walleye!

Pete and Bill take home some dandy fish for the season opener on Big Stone!