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Big Stone Lake is a border water between Minnesota and South Dakota.  Your SD or MN fishing license is legal no matter which side of the lake you stay!  Walleyes are the predominate fish of  Big Stone Lake - however there are nice populations of perch.  In addition, there are also some crappie, blue gill, white bass and Northern pike. We offer 4 large fishing docks for guests who opt for shoreline fishing versus a boat.

UPDATED 10/12/2015

Had computer issues last week. Now own a Dell “all-in-one” system. Still having issues with the camera software so no photos, but wanted to get an updated report on the web page.

The perch bite is strong on Big Stone Lake. With the beautiful fall days anglers have been able to cover a lot of water and find the schools of perch. Water temperature is now hovering in the 59 degree range making it easier to find and catch these fish. Anglers have been focusing on the Windmill Reef area, Cramer’s Resort, Shady Beach and then up above the Gray Barn on the MN side for find the schools of perch.

Still using some basic tackle tipped with a spike or minnow one can easily get a limit of perch (15).  Spending more time on the water and focusing on the larger perch, a couple of anglers were able to put together 30 perch with the smallest at 10 inches and the largest at 12.5 inches.  All super lunkers (for a perch anyway).

Get your gear into the 11.5 to 13 foot range and set the hook on the perch. You may also see some blue gill, white bass and even a walleye or two.

Schmidt's Landing Resort

Donna and Rae Ann get 30 perch thanks to their guide Jim

 Jim and Jake get some nice perch

Jim with a little helper got some perch and a 16 inch walleye

Jacob with a jumbo crappie and some perch.

Jerry and Barb are pleased with their catch!

Dave shows off the 20 plus bullhead he caught off the dock one evening! Big ones too.

An assortment of fish caught by Dale and Rita waiting for the cleaning table

Donna's almost 12 inch perch.

A nice bucket of perch that averaged 12 inches.

One of the almost 12 inch perch.

Julia and Jacob show of their bucket of perch.

Al and Grandson Jackson work hard one day and get a variety of fish to clean
including a nice walleye, perch, largemouth bass, green sunfish, and blue gill.

A couple of anglers worked hard to find some perch and found these
four dandy ones...wishing they could have gotten more to bite.

Mike shows Bob the hot spot and finds some super perch

Al finds a variety of fish for the frying pan

Clayton's limit of perch is half a five gallon bucket...nice!

A dandy 10.5 inch bluegill

Gary and Richard get a nice batch of bluegill

Kevin found some super perch, couple walleye and a crappie!

Mike with some dandy Perch

Larry and Carol find a pile of bluegill off of Skeleton Island.

Barry and Jan go home with some nice perch.

Jacob shows cousin Ryan how to catch some fish.

Jacob turning into the camp hero...another bucket of nice fish!

Riley's huge catfish caught off the dock

Bill and Dan get a nice limit of perch

Julia and Jacob smile over their bucket of fish

Jerry and Mike take advantage of a northwest wind to catch some walleye and perch

A table full of perch ready to be cleaned by team Juckem

Reliving some old childhood memories of Big Stone Lake,
Janice and Cheryl catch some perch and jumbo bullheads.

Jaden, Drew and Connor find a white bass off the dock

Nick finds a white bass

Ty nets a northern off the dock

Conner found another white bass

The VanHill family hit the honey hole on perch

More perch!

Rob shows off a nice blue gill.

Jason and Rick get some nice perch for almost a limit!

Kevin gets some nice walleye and some perch.

 Dustin's 25 pound carp caught off the dock

Rick and Larry find a few fish

Dodging the heavy water recreation craft on the lake, Matt and Landri still
 get some nice fish...look at those perch!

Julia and Jacob show Grandma how to catch some fish.

Joel gets a dandy walleye

Blake and Todd find some nice fish.

The Hanson family get into the bluegill/crappie

Al gets a nice limit of walleye with the largest at 23 inches.

A cooler full of blue gill

Riley shows off his and his dad's catch

Dave gets on some walleye

Grandma Irke holds the biggest catch of the day.

Grandpa Dave holds two bluegill that Leah caught with her Barbie fishing pole.

Zoey's first fish "ever".

Kayla and Brayden fished off the docks with their parents and caught a
walleye as well as 4 dandy bullheads!

Brock went fishing with Jim and got a nice walleye!

Margaret and Bob put together a nice catch

Shawn shows off his walleye.

Roy's nice dock northern

Some nice bluegill from the rearing ponds

Roy and his son get a few on one of our "blue bird" days!

Aaron and Al get a couple dandy walleyes.

Sunshine and her fish off the dock

Makena and her dock walleye

Tiffany gets a nice blue gill off the dock.

Bruce holds up two of the nice crappie his group caught and the one blue gill
 that was as long as his filet knife.

The rest of Bruce's crappie.

Brian holds Larry's 8 pound northern caught off the dock.

More dock walleyes

A few white bass caught during the day

Mike caught these two fish off the docks just prior to sun up on Saturday morning. Kicking off the fishing opener!

Bucket of perch caught last Thursday!

Jim and Ron get a nice assortment of perch, crappie, blue gill and
even a couple green sunfish.

Trent and his pile of perch


Brock, Don and Rod and their pile of perch, a northern and couple of dandy bluegill!


A 10 inch blue gill


Gail and Roy get one of their limits of nice perch!

Jerry and Barb also get on some nice perch and go home with plenty
 for the freezer!

Craig has a limit of perch after a windy day on the water.

Don and Justin are very happy with their first net full of fish.

Bob and Jim always find the fish when they hit Big Stone.

Kevin gets his fish before heading home Sunday.

Justin gets a net full of perch with dad Don

Gabby and her grandfather hit a honey hole on perch Friday just prior to the weekend.  Gabby had to share with her friend, Rae Ann.

With their perch limit full, Gabby and grandpa seek out the blue gill and do well.  

Rich and Gary show off the 9 inch and 10 inch blue gill from their
pile of perch caught anchoring.

Gary, Barry, Gene and Chad have a table full to clean

Barry displays the 26 inch walleye caught pulling crankbaits

Gary, Barry, Gene and Chad after a walleye focused fishing nice 25 incher starts the line up

The Stansbury/Macland family hit the honey hole for this
nice assortment of perch.

Rick and Larry get a few dandy perch and a super blue gill
in one outing on Big Stone.

Giessinger family hit a Big Stone hot spot for just over 30 perch.

The Vankirk's got their limit of perch just before the rain showers set in.

Doug and Dustin have a blast casting for white bass.

Leon and Dusty work the spinners hard to get three nice walleye,
a northern and a few perch.


Greta shows off the bluegill dad caught along with the perch....
good job Dad!

Ken and Lester hit the honey hole on perch

Donna adds her perch to the cleaning table

Ashley's all smiles over her 18" walleye

Dixie, Renee and Ashley hit the perch

Troy and Ron could not be out done by the girls... here is their perch!

Sedrick and Jesse show off their walleye.

Roger a Louie head west to a Glacial Lake and target the northern bite. They hit the bullseye!

Trei and Sedrick cast for some dandy largemouth bass

Dave, Corey and Jason with a few walleye and some very nice perch!

Dylan, Riley and Jennifer show off the catch from the three families boats that targeted the Hartford Beach area

Kevin and Mike focus on the perch and do well in the Lagoona Beach area

Larry's one over 20" er

The Saufferer family did well on their first Big Stone outing

Riley shows off the catch from his families boat early in the week

This angler found some perch!

Shawn shows off the day's catch with Grandma and Grandpa

Nick's 26.5 walleye caught and released

Bob's 27 walleye caught and released

The day's catch made for a busy fish cleaning house

Cleaning a limit of walleye and a perch

Team Reese catch three nice walleye

Hansen family's three person limit

VanDenTop family go fishing with Jim and get a table full of fish

Brian's Largemouth Bass

Todd shows off one of Big Stone's walleye

Danny gets a northern off the dock!

28" walleye caught and released 5-11 on Big Stone.
Rich caught it with a jig and minnow in 7 ft of water!


Kevin got a limit of walleye on Saturday evening!

Photos from the 2013 Season...

A great catch off the docks for the Hanes'.

An 15 perch limit in just over an hour

 Don's 21 inch walleye

A couple nets full of fish ready to clean from the boys out of Kansas!

Steve and Jeannie do well their first afternoon out on the lake

A 15 perch limit in just 2 hours off the Grape Vin